Committee Meeting - October 2018

Committee Meeting – October 2018 – held at Ealing Cricket Club Pavilion

Present: AK Hignell, MJ Charman, AE Choat, PJW Danks, SM Drinkwater, MD Smith, JM Brown.  Tim Lumb (ECB) was present for the first part of the meeting.  

The following points were among those discussed at the meeting:

  1. The protocol for the use of walkie-talkies in televised matches had been changed, so quick contact with on-field umpires no longer possible; clarification sought;
  2. It is expected that all counties will use PCS Pro in 2019;
  3. The latest version of PCS Pro, incorporating many of the suggestions made during 2018 should be ready for testing by 20 December 2018;
  4. It is planned to hold meetings re new version in second week in January, and that each county should be represented at these meetings;
  5. Lunch: Chris Kelly, Tim Lumb, Matt Davies and James Emmerson to be invited;
  6. All committee members prepared to stand again; proposed to increase number of committee members to four, so that co-opted member, Sue Drinkwater, could become a full member;
  7. ACCS will be invited to organise appointments for 2019 World Cup;
  8. PJW Danks pointed out that 2019 would be the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first edition of the Scorer newsletter; it is hoped to celebrate this in an appropriate way;
  9. The Hundred: More information needed on the format and what information will need to be shown on scoreboards;
  10. Method of appointing scorers for The Hundred still to be established;
  11. It was suggested that it would be an advantage if PCS Pro could have a separate database for County scorers.
  12. Dates of Future meetings: Committee 20 February and 2 October

Committee Meeting - February 2018

Attendees: Messrs AK Hignell, MJ Charman, AE Choat, PJW Danks, MD Smith, JM Brown: apologies – Sue Drinkwater
Some of the main points to come from this meeting follow:

  1. In view of the potential increase in the number of penalties which may be awarded as a result of the law changes, the umpires have been instructed not to allow the game to continue until the appropriate penalty is showing on the scoreboard.
  2. City Franchise t20 (to start in 2020): it is probable that ACCS will be invited to appoint scorers for these matches: it is likely to be seen as on opportunity for less experienced scorers to join a more experienced colleague.
  3. Mike Charman has been invited (by Surrey CCC) to score a Test and ODI at the Oval in 2018.
  4. One new umpire has been added to the Umpires’ list for 2018 – Ian Ramage.
  5. No umpires due to retire in 2018.
  6. CLOs for 2018 – no change from 2017.
  7. In televised games scorers will not have direct contact with the on-field umpires – only contact to be made through third umpire. 
  8. PCS Pro will be sending representatives to all counties to ensure that the program is compatible with scoreboards.
  9. Lord’s Test: Polly Rhodes was unable to accept her invitation to score at Lord’s this year; her place has been taken by Graham Irwin (Sussex).  Polly will be first choice in 2019.
  10. Date of Lunch/AGM: Wednesday 31st October 2018 – at Derby.