Cliff Booth

15 February 2018

We have this afternoon received the following sad information from Phil Booth: 

"I have some sad news, my dad, Cliff Booth, who was Kent Second XI (and sometimes first XI and a few internationals too I believe) passed away yesterday evening in Tunbridge Wells hospital after a short illness resulting from a fall at home. I know he was very proud of his time scoring on the county circuit and always talked about your annual lunch and meeting up in Derby."

We will publish funeral details as soon as they are known.


Keith Booth has been in correspondence with ECB ACO regarding CRB clearance, and he suggests that our members may like to read what he has written in his latest email to them:

“Thank you for your letter about CRB clearance. You’re quite right: I’m not.

The last letter I had from the Child Protection Team (Dec 2009) inviting renewal said ‘If you are still involved in junior cricket, please complete the form..” I wasn’t, so I didn’t.

Furthermore, I had understood that the Ethics and Compliance Committee were to take on board the obiter dicta recommendations of HMC et al that the requirement for clearance should be restricted to those who had regular or intensive contact wrth children.

In addition, I thought perhaps ECB might have anticipated the Protection of Freedoms Act which will make similar provisions.

Chairs for County Scorers

We have all, I’m sure, decried in recent years the unbelievable things that have been introduced in the name of the dreaded “Elf & Safety”.

However it is possible you can use HSE Regulations to make your scoring life literally a great deal more comfortable.
Under the Workplace Regulation for operators of Visual Display Equipment, i.e. computer screens, there is a requirement for your employer to provide a chair that has a seat height adjustment, a swivel mechanism and castors or glides.

If you look on the HSE website at pdf file you can view the complete regulations and the chair information is on Page 18.

May I suggest if you do not have suitable chairs already that you bring the contents of this document to the attention of your Chief Exec/ Operations Manager/ Cricket Manager – suitable chairs need not cost a fortune and a pair can be purchased for less than £100. We should not have to sit on 2 chairs stacked together or use multiple cushions to allow us to do our job – I look forward to joining you in 2011 on seating fit for the purpose!

Mike Charman
Sussex CCC

Holiday Pay

Keith Booth has been talking about holiday pay entitlement with both PA and Surrey and it occurred to him that some members may not be aware of their entitlement – which is 5.6 weeks minimum per annum; pro rata for shorter contracts. So, for example, for those (I suspect most) on six month contracts, the calculation would be average weekly pay over the season x 2.8.

PA is both more generous and more restrictive. While ours is not an employer-employee relationship, they regard their free-lancers as ‘workers’, require four weeks notice of holiday and, in the case of scorers, allow three weeks pay, based on the average weekly pay for the preceding thirteen weeks. This would apply to those who signed the contract in its original form, but those who signed the later, modified version, may be excluded.